Privia Quality Network is built for providers, by providers

Privia Quality Network (PQN), our accountable care organization, is led by physicians to improve patient health outcomes and drive value for providers. PQN uses a multi-pronged approach to empower independent providers and reduce waste in the healthcare delivery system.



With PQN, you have the ability to leverage the millions of dollars of investments already made in our population health programs, expertise, infrastructure, technology and support teams to help drive savings and better care for your patients.

190+K Attributed lives in Privia Quality Network

93% Quality score from Medicare Shared Savings Program

What does PQN offer independent physicians?

Maintain Autonomy in Your Independent Practice

Enhanced Practice Management Capabilities

From award-winning revenue cycle management (RCM) support and billing issues to online reputation management and patient feedback scores, we take care of the business operations and give you more time with your patients.

Training providers to recognize, document, and address all relevant pre-existing and suspected diagnoses in our EHR led to a >90 percent recapture of historical chronic diagnoses.

athenahealth™ Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Proprietary Technology

We’ve invested extensive resources to develop our technology platform and built 30+ customized features to enhance quality data reporting and performance assessment.

Privia’s optimized athenahealth™ electronic health record (EHR) identifies quality gaps, sends patient satisfaction surveys, automates patient outreach, and generates reports and alerts to improve care coordination.

Patient-Reported Quality Data

Your Data, Simplified

Our team gathers comprehensive data from all parties to meet contract requirements, build action plans, design reports, and leverage population health analytics.

Privia’s team used patient-reported quality data to close more than 12,000 care gaps in six weeks, saving 125 days of work for our care teams.

Managed Care Population Health

Clinical Decision Support

Our award-winning Health Event Engine responds to triggers and qualifying actions with an automated response. Triggers such as medication pick-up, inpatient admission and discharge, and lab results register in the EHR and send evidence-based responses to you and your patients through our portal.

Revenue Cycle Management

Robust Funding

Our scale and efficiency reduce direct expenses that you pay, allowing you to keep a greater share of the savings you worked hard to earn. Every year, we invest 10 percent of revenue into redesigned care processes and resources that encourage future shared savings.

Physician-Led Medical Group

Full Physician Governance

Physicians in Privia’s network routinely meet to review performance data, identify practice pain points, produce evidence-based solutions, and advance population health.

Privia Health Delivers Over $70 Million in Shared Savings Through the 2018 MSSP

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