Our seamless, streamlined, and integrated model reduces providers’ administrative work and accelerates the volume-to-value transition. This method creates an efficient, effective experience that is patient-centered and physician-led.

Powering Providers’ Performance

By uniting five core pillars, we enable providers to maintain their autonomy while accessing the benefits of a larger group. The integration of these models makes the practice of high-quality medicine easier while enhancing performance and profitability.


Privia’s Five Core Services

Technology &
Population Health

Too often technology works against, rather than for, providers. Our cutting-edge tools were designed with physicians’ input to enhance providers’ workflows.

Patient Access

We optimize practices’ web presence so patients can easily find a provider online and receive appointment reminders to fortify patient retention and avoid costly no-shows.


Our technology and tools embed insights directly into our electronic health record (EHR) so providers can seamlessly assess both patients’ health and practice performance.

During Visit

Whether an appointment is in-person or through our best-in-class telehealth platform, our technology sends Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) and care-gap reminders to improve workflows and the patient experience.

Between Visits

After the visit, we support treatment with patient education tools, Transitional and Chronic Care Management, care plans, and more. We also use patient-satisfaction feedback to increase practices’ online visibility.

Management Services
Organization (MSO)

We enable providers to focus on patients, not paperwork. Our MSO leverages our scale to reduce administrative work, increase efficiency, and lower direct costs for providers.

Revenue Cycle Management

As a seven-time recipient of the prestigious Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) MAP Award, our RCM team meets the highest standards for financial results and patient satisfaction.

Performance Management

Our talented performance consultants conduct monthly audits to optimize a practice’s finances and productivity.

Analytics & Reporting

Our analysts enable providers to make more data-driven decisions on financial, operational, and clinical initiatives.

Clinical IT

Our clinical informatics ensures the “doctor’s voice” is present in technology to drive savings and optimize patient outcomes.

IT Support

Our innovative IT maximizes data security, bolsters the patient-provider relationship, and offers patients a seamless, coordinated experience.


We continually improve practice websites to attract new patients, rank favorably on search engines, and monitor reviews.

Medical Group

Our medical group allows providers to adapt to serve their patients’ and region’s unique needs while harnessing the power of a single tax entity for negotiating power, clinical integration, and alignment of financial incentives.

Physician Governance

Providers in our medical group collaborate in physician-organized delivery (POD) meetings to review analytics, share best practices, create accountability, and advance evidence-based medicine while maintaining their autonomy.

Aligned Incentives

Our scale and ability to demonstrate quality metrics allow us to align incentives with providers to enhance reimbursements for delivering high-quality care.

Cost-Saving Entities

Providers can reduce expenses by using our lower-cost ancillary services and access group purchasing discounts.

Accountable Care
Organizations (ACO)

Our physician-led accountable care organizations (ACO) lower costs, engage patients, reduce utilization, and improve coordination and patient quality metrics to drive value-based care and transform the healthcare delivery system.

Tech-Enabled Care Coordination

Our proprietary, cloud-based technology platform identifies quality gaps, sends patient satisfaction surveys, automates patient outreach and education, and generates reports and alerts to improve care coordination.

Optimized for Shared Savings

Our integrated tools divert costly patient encounters so that physicians can increase revenue through both commercial and federal shared savings programs.

Data-Backed Medicine

We collect data from payers, providers, and patients to advance population health and streamline physicians’ workflows.

Network for
Payers & Purchasers

Our networks enable providers to connect with new patient populations, create custom contracts that provide greater value, and further integrate with their community.

Payer-Partnership Contracting

Our contracting services leverage data and physician input to enable providers in our network to grow their patient base and influence how care is delivered.

Value-Oriented Narrow Networks

We understand that employer groups are facing unprecedented costs. Our robust medical economics team supports creative narrow network designs that deliver high-quality care at a lower cost.

Health System Alignment

We work with health systems to increase alignment of employed and private practice physicians to optimize resource utilization through our cost-effective, clinically aligned model.

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You get to practice how you want to. Privia will give you suggestions on what you could do to improve your practice, but in the end, you manage your own practice; you run your own practice. The beauty of Privia is they offload a lot of administrative tasks.

Shishir Khetan, MD
Rockville Internal Medicine Group

We elevate our doctors’ financial situation through hard negotiations with people that don’t like to negotiate. But I think beyond that, we elevate their way of thinking about what it means to be part of a group, what it means to perform in a rapidly changing medical environment where it’s less about churning patients and more about managing patients in an effective and efficient way.

Joel Meshulam, MD

To partner with a successful physician-led accountable care organization like Privia is a rare and important thing. The model that Privia uses has been repeatedly successful.

David West, MD
Chesapeake Internists LTD

Since joining Privia, we’ve had better base rates all around. … Now, we are able to demonstrate our quality and achieve quality contracts. Privia has been essential in terms of setting up those contracts and then enabling us to meet the targets.

Sumi Sexton, MD
Premier Primary Care

Privia’s technology is so efficient that we get to spend time with the patients versus doing paperwork behind the scenes and after clinic hours as well.

Sonal Patel, MD
Magnificent Minds Neurology Center