At Privia Health, we are dedicated to operating responsibly and sustainably as a key part of our corporate mission and business strategy. We believe doing so creates long-term value for our business, shareholders, and communities. We’re making significant progress toward the execution of our corporate responsibility programs and sustainability practices.

Our initiatives, progress, and ongoing commitments are categorized into five key tenets that align with our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

We recognize that we are better able to meet the needs of our customers when our workforce represents the diverse populations we serve. Our goal is to develop and retain the best and brightest talent from all backgrounds. We strive for transparency and accountability to remove barriers so that each employee can bring their full self to work.

DEI Steering Committee

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Steering Committee is dedicated to leveraging existing resources and advancing the following focus areas:

  • Diversify Recruitment
  • Improve Retention via Strategic Initiatives
  • Foster a Culture of Accountability
  • Promote Alignment With Business Goals
  • Serve Our Communities

Diverse Culture & Recruitment Practices

We seek and welcome employees from historically excluded populations. To advance our DEI goals, we’ve implemented several measures, including:

  • Protocols to review hiring processes to avoid discrimination
  • Metrics to assess and improve employee satisfaction
  • Criteria to monitor workforce demographics and representation
  • Routine audits and updates to policies and benefits

Leadership Cultivation

To grow, develop, and progress our diverse workforce, we offer retention and leadership programs, such as:

  • Emerging Leaders Program
  • Manager Onboarding
  • Ad Hoc Training
  • Brown Bag Training Sessions
  • Individual Coaching

Employee Resource Groups

To unite our diverse workforce around common passions, interests, and experiences, we support multiple employee-led Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), including:

  • Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color (BIPOC) Alliance
  • Early Career Network
  • Genders and Sexualities Alliance
  • Parents@Privia
  • Veterans@Privia
  • Women In Leadership

We control access to and distribution of the confidential and proprietary information that we’re entrusted with protecting. By implementing appropriate security measures and contractual restrictions, we aim to safeguard our algorithms, business processes, patient data, and other sensitive information.

HIPAA Privacy & Security

We take appropriate steps to maintain the privacy of our patients’ protected health information (PHI) and comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), including:

  • Notice of Privacy Practices for patients
  • Technical and administrative safeguards for PHI
  • Foster a Culture of Accountability
  • Employee training to protect PHI
  • Best practices for and notifications of PHI breach

Corporate Privacy & Security

We believe that a positive healthcare experience is founded on trust. To drive safety and cybersecurity, we pursue several initiatives and processes, such as:

  • Role-based, minimum-necessary user authorization
  • Comprehensive HIPAA Privacy and Security training
  • Security measures  to avoid breaches or viruses
  • Cloud-forward approach with trusted providers
  • Risk assessment of technology partners’ SOC1 and SOC2 reports
  • Domestic data storage
  • HITRUST certification requirement for primary data center and cloud service providers

We encourage and actively support our employees who want to have a meaningful and positive impact on their communities and charitable causes by giving their time, talents, and donations.

Supporting Communities in Need

Our corporate charitable giving focuses on healthcare organizations and historically underserved and underrepresented communities nationally. In 2022, we are supporting national organizations that align with our corporate values, including: American Heart Association, Health Equity Initiative, Alzheimer’s Association, and Feeding America. Our company-wide philanthropy initiative, Privia Gives Back, also donates to initiatives to help combat childhood cancer, reduce healthcare disparities, and expand the use of remote-learning technology

Disaster Relief for Employees

In 2017, we established the Privia Employee Disaster Relief Fund to allow employees to contribute to fellow employees in times of need. These donations have supported employees during the COVID-19 pandemic and severe weather events.

We aim to transform healthcare by enabling doctors and their teams to focus on keeping people healthy. Each day, patients, families, and communities trust that we will deliver on our mission through ethical, honest, and compliant business operations.

Clear & Equitable Values

Both our corporate and Care Center employees play a vital role in our organization. We strive to abide by and uphold our Code of Conduct, Privacy, and Security policies. These processes and policies reflect our values and apply to each and every employee, regardless of role.

Transparent Rules for Leadership

Our Board of Directors follow Corporate Governance guidelines that govern the operations and responsibilities, including:

  • Director responsibilities and qualifications
  • Committee membership and structure
  • Board composition and structure
  • Director compensation
  • Communications with outside parties
  • Processes for annual self-evaluation of the Board & standing committees

Privacy & Compliance

Our comprehensive training programs and physical, technical, and administrative controls help protect the privacy and confidentiality of protected health information (PHI) and other sensitive or confidential information.

We aim to support the social determinants of health that help individuals lead happy, healthy lives. Ecologically sustainable, environmentally friendly, and “green” solutions are crucial components of this pursuit.

Eco-Friendly Partnerships

Our Purchasing Department works with major medical supply platforms to ensure our medical staff and Care Center partners are informed of the comparative environmental friendliness of medical supplies and equipment offered and used.

Waste Minimization

To reduce our carbon footprint, we review the frequency of orders placed by Care Centers for their medical supplies and encourage Care Centers to consolidate orders in an effort to cut down on fuel expended during delivery.

Discounts for Green Products

We offer Care Centers discounted pricing for supply vendors that prioritize environmental sustainability in their operations. We support various vendors, including:

  • Medical Waste Management (MWM)
  • PPE recycling
  • Paper shredding and disposal
  • Laundry and dry cleaning