Learn how to overcome the five hidden challenges of aligning with physician practices.


Health systems are seeking new and better alternatives for aligning with physicians to gain a competitive edge. As health system consolidation continues, and as healthcare shifts to value-based models, health systems are focused on strategies to maintain — and bolster — their physician alignment relationships. Privia’s unique model gives community physicians what they want: the ability to remain independent while realizing more value through their relationship with a health system.

Why Health Systems Choose Privia

We partner with visionary health systems to align physicians and evolve to value-based care. Our flexible, scalable, capital-efficient model generates cost savings and top-line growth. Discover how we helped Health First to upgrade technology, align physicians, and accelerate toward value-based care.


How Privia Partners With Health Systems


As a physician-led organization, we excel in aligning employed and independent doctors and creating a culture of physician engagement, as demonstrated by our skyrocketing growth from four to 2,600+ providers in six years. This alignment impacts the entire healthcare delivery ecosystem, and is essential for success in value-based care.


Our team’s unparalleled industry knowledge and experience with health plans and physician groups inform our practice management, value-based care, and IT support and implementation. This expertise drives consistency, repeatability, and scalability of workflows, metrics, and outcomes.


Our customized, cloud-based technology unites physicians and integrates into health systems’ existing workflows. This seamless data delivery at the point of care increases connectivity, improves care coordination, and provides data to negotiate risk-based payer contracts and engage patients.

Discover how Privia can help accelerate your transition to value.

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We’re focused on expanding our state-of-the-art clinical care delivery while creating healthier patient populations. Privia’s wealth of tools, technology, and expertise serve the needs of our patients and providers and will positively impact the quality and continuity of care we provide.

Frank Letherby, CEO, Privia Medical Group — Florida
Privia Health

We realized a need to align with physicians differently to create a better long-term strategy. We sought a partner to deliver population health management and improved patient engagement technology tools. With Privia, we finally found the innovative disruption we needed to transform our physician alignment strategy.

Drew Rector, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer
Health First

Since establishing Pediatric Partners in 2014, we have seen incredible progress and growth as an organization. Our membership needs have evolved, and through our alliance with Privia Health, we are able to improve our network in a way that will be truly meaningful for Pediatric Partners members and independent pediatricians in our community.

Julie Hall-Barrow, Senior Vice President of Network Development & Innovation
Children’s Health