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How Our Dedication to Service Can Cause Burnout

How can doctors’ dedication to service and helping patients lead to burnout? In this post, Joseph DeVeau, MD, explores how physicians’ greatest virtues can — paradoxically — cause them the most harm.

The Ever-Evolving Role of Doctors

The increased awareness of the social determinants of health has given providers a robust vocabulary to describe their vocation. As part of our “Heart of Healthcare” series, pediatrician Sally Goza, MD, writes about the doctor’s role as a healer, social worker, teacher, and advocate.

Why Even the Best Doctors Burn Out

In my life as in my research, I’ve found that our strengths as doctors — when unchecked — can lead to burnout. Find out how values like excellence and compassion, two virtues of our profession, can cause us to feel exhausted, disenchanted, and burnt out.

Unleashing the Untapped Power of Patient Portals

Patient portals are amazing tools, yet too often their capacity to improve the patient experience is underutilized. To show patient portals’ power, we explore how one provider uses this technology to help diabetic patients live healthier lives while sharing actionable tips for you to get more out of your portal!

Podcast Preview: “Two Doctors” Discuss the Heart of Healthcare

In the first installment of Heart of Healthcare, pediatrician Elizabeth Flynn, MD, discusses the changes in the world of medicine, especially mental health in children, social media, and electronic health records, and the future!

The Art of Physician Advocacy: 4 Questions With Thomas Eppes, MD

Thomas Eppes, MD, has a legendary track record as a physician advocate, both in his home state of Virginia and nationally. What can physicians learn from this inspiring advocacy veteran?

#TBT to Privia’s Mid-Atlantic Celebration

At the 6th Mid-Atlantic Annual Celebration, Privia doctors and independent physicians from Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., corralled for an enlightening discussion about this fast-paced, ever-changing field. Held at the Canopy Hotel in Bethesda, Maryland, the event welcomed local doctors for a meet-and-greet over craft cocktails and dinner with three speakers who provided a full …

Privia Spring Event Recap & Dr. Karen DeSalvo Keynote

On April 29, 2015 Privia Medical Group had the honor of hosting Dr. Karen B. DeSalvo as the keynote speaker for the highly anticipated Privia bi-annual event. Dr. DeSalvo is currently serving as the head of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology at Health and Human Services (HHS) and last fall …

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