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Healthcare Leaders Report Growing Interest in Remote Patient Monitoring

Woman checking smartwatch for remote patient monitoring (RPM) purposes.

Recent research shows that the majority of healthcare leaders believe remote patient monitoring (RPM) will create a “new standard of care” over the next two years. However, less than half of surveyed physicians currently use the technology. What strategies can help spur the adoption and utilization of this promising technology?

The Rundown | Week of 11.19.2018

What industry will spend the most on research and development in 2020? How effective are low-carb diets for weight loss management? Find out the answers to these questions and more in The Rundown, our weekly digest of healthcare’s most important issues!

Capabilities Pt. 2: Strengthening The Business of Medicine

Explore the three key features of a capabilities framework to improve provider satisfaction, enhance productivity, amplify the patient experience, and boost your practice’s bottom line!

#TBT to Privia’s Mid-Atlantic Celebration

At the 6th Mid-Atlantic Annual Celebration, Privia doctors and independent physicians from Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., corralled for an enlightening discussion about this fast-paced, ever-changing field. Held at the Canopy Hotel in Bethesda, Maryland, the event welcomed local doctors for a meet-and-greet over craft cocktails and dinner with three speakers who provided a full …

The Rundown | Week of 5.21.2018

Busy provider looking for healthcare news? Check out The Rundown. The Microbiome Under the Microscope The phrase “trust your gut” may just have a little more credence following a recent study that linked mental health and gut bacteria. “There’s a complex interplay between the microbes in our intestines and most of the systems in our …

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