Privia Spring Event Recap & Dr. Karen DeSalvo Keynote

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On April 29, 2015 Privia Medical Group had the honor of hosting Dr. Karen B. DeSalvo as the keynote speaker for the highly anticipated Privia bi-annual event. Dr. DeSalvo is currently serving as the head of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology at Health and Human Services (HHS) and last fall was also named Acting Assistant Secretary for Health at HHS. Dr. DeSalvo’s background as a primary care physician, as well as her experience in direct patient care, policy and administration, research, and public service provided event attendees with incredible insight on how our country’s healthcare system is evolving for the better.
Dr. DeSalvo’s work as a primary care physician has impacted her understanding about the ways healthcare needs to evolve in order to effectively support both doctors and patients.  Her message to our audience of independent physicians was clear: she is a practicing physician doing what she can in Washington to generate meaningful change. “We want to hear feedback from you, both positive and…constructive criticism,” she implored. Dr. DeSalvo pledged that the work to improve our healthcare system is bigger than political administrations. It is about moving forward, both clinically and through the utilization of technology, to create affordable, high quality healthcare for every patient. Dr. DeSalvo’s vision of a brighter healthcare future includes the need for an enhanced doctor-patient relationship, a prioritization of data sharing health IT initiatives like the electronic health record (EHR) incentive payment program, and the utilization of disruptive technology like holographic medical imaging.
After listening to the keynote, it came as no surprise that Dr. DeSalvo was recently named number eight on Modern Healthcare’s 50 Most Influential Physician Executives and Leaders.  She further illustrated her commitment to health, wellness and goals for a better America when, instead of hopping into a taxi, Dr. DeSalvo took the green and healthy transportation option: jumped on a Capital Bike Share bike to commute back home. As she pedaled away down the Georgetown Waterfront, one thing remained clear: Dr. DeSalvo is just getting started in her quest to pedal through Washington advocating on behalf of physicians and patients across America. The Privia staff as well as the physicians of Privia Medical Group were truly honored to have her speak.
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