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Physician Burnout, COVID-19, and the Paradox of Excellence

How might physicians’ determination to deliver excellent patient care, especially during the uncertain times of COVID-19, increase burnout? Joseph DeVeau, MD, draws from his experiences and extensive research to explore how we might redefine “excellence” to combat this perplexing problem and better support providers.

Inside the Social Determinants of (Men’s) Health

June is Men’s Health Month. In this blog post, we examine how societal norms harm men — from higher rates of substance abuse to cardiovascular disease to mental illness — and explore ways providers can help men live happier, healthier lives!

The Rundown | Week of 6.3.2019

Does Medicaid expansion decrease racial differences in cancer diagnoses? What is the World Health Organization’s definition of burnout? How does the Supreme Court’s decision benefit hospitals? Find the answers to these questions and more in The Rundown!

The Rundown | Week of 10.8.2018

Can pollution affect mental health? Why are millennials dropping their primary care providers? How can remote patient monitoring save lives? Find the answers to these questions and more in The Rundown, our weekly digest of healthcare’s most important issues!

The Rundown | Week of 5.21.2018

Busy provider looking for healthcare news? Check out The Rundown. The Microbiome Under the Microscope The phrase “trust your gut” may just have a little more credence following a recent study that linked mental health and gut bacteria. “There’s a complex interplay between the microbes in our intestines and most of the systems in our …

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