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The Rundown | Week of 12.3.2018

What is HHS’s new price ceiling? What’s in the playbook to reduce EHR frustrations? How long should kids stay away from digital devices after a concussion? Find the answers to these questions and more in The Rundown, our weekly digest of healthcare’s most important issues!

The Rundown | Week of 5.21.2018

Busy provider looking for healthcare news? Check out The Rundown. The Microbiome Under the Microscope The phrase “trust your gut” may just have a little more credence following a recent study that linked mental health and gut bacteria. “There’s a complex interplay between the microbes in our intestines and most of the systems in our …

Proving Your Worth: Value-Based Care Drives Data Demands

Clunky technology and administrative hassles force providers to exert herculean energy to discover basic data about their practices. How many diabetics do you treat at your practice? How many non-smokers? What about patients with more than one chronic illness? Understanding the nuances of your patient population is important to you because you care about the …

Privia Fall Event Recap: The Future of Healthcare with Dr. Harry Greenspun

On October 7th, Privia Medical Group hosted our annual Fall networking event. This year, the keynote speaker was Dr. Harry Greenspun, healthcare innovation expert and Director at Deloitte Center for Health Solutions. Dr. Greenspun has an impressive background; he’s been named one of the 50 most influential physician executives in healthcare by Modern Healthcare, co-authored …

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