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Understanding Millennials: Two Vital Statistics for PCPs

Millennial patients pose unique challenges for physicians. How can you appeal to this demographic of 75.4 million Americans who, by 2020, will make the majority of healthcare decisions?

Tips to Establish Yourself as a Physician Thought Leader

Now that 40% of consumers use social media to find their doctor, you need to stand out from the crowd and establish yourself as a thought leader. That may sound daunting, but by following these simple tips, your patients and your practice will benefit immensely.

Peak Practice Performance: Productivity & Growth

Want to read the first two parts in Jessica Folmar’s “Peak Practice Performance” series? Click here! Have you noticed a lull in your appointments? Does it seem that as the temperature rises higher and higher, the number of patients you see sinks lower and lower? A study published by ZocDoc indicates that summer is the …

Dating Your Technology Partners: A Framework for Evaluating Your Relationships

It’s growing late, and the entree has long been cold. Familiar thoughts hang in the air: Is this what’s best for me? Are they here for the right reasons? Am I showing too much interest? Not enough? Do they really think this will work? No, this isn’t a recap of the latest episode of The …

Are You One of the 50% of U.S. Physicians Experiencing Professional Burnout?

It’s a new year; typically a time for fresh starts and high morale. This may not be true for you if you’re a doctor, however. Studies suggest doctors are up to 15 times more likely to burn out than other professionals. Sufferers complain of irregular sleep patterns and poor self-care, an unfortunate irony for those …

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