Are You One of the 50% of U.S. Physicians Experiencing Professional Burnout?

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It’s a new year; typically a time for fresh starts and high morale. This may not be true for you if you’re a doctor, however. Studies suggest doctors are up to 15 times more likely to burn out than other professionals. Sufferers complain of irregular sleep patterns and poor self-care, an unfortunate irony for those who provide care to others.  
There’s no wonder that physicians experience burnout at higher rates than other professions. The healthcare industry’s increasing complexity and rapid evolution make it difficult for doctors to stay on top of:

  • deepening administrative burdens;
  • declining revenues;
  • and stringent requirements for government mandates, such as MACRA.

Ever-growing evidence shows that physician burnout can also lead to reduced patient satisfaction and lowered productivity within your practice. This trend is unsustainable and deeply concerning to healthcare executives, who are working to combat the underlying causes of demoralization.
Does any of this sound familiar in your practice? If so, it is time to re-engage your providers and put them back in the driver’s seat for providing quality care.

At Privia Medical Group we combat burnout by empowering our physicians with the tools and knowledge they need to improve efficiency and reduce their administrative burdens. Doctors who partner with Privia Medical Group find their practice (and providers) refreshed because, with Privia, they are:

  • self-reliant;
  • an “owner” rather than an employee;
  • supported in providing high-quality care to patients;
  • free to enjoy clinical work again because our IT and billing systems help with administrative tasks;
  • and free from the “big company” status quo mentality and innovator’s dilemma.

Implementing preventative measures can lead to improved patient satisfaction and increased efficiency in your practice. Do not let professional burnout affect your patients, providers, or practice in the new year.
To learn more about how Privia can help re-energize your practice, visit or call (888) 765-7610.
Sources: The Advisory Board and Forbes

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