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4 Ways to Improve Productivity and Growth in Your Independent Practice

Are you an independent provider who would like to grow your practice? The average primary care physician typically retains between 1800-2200 patients, as this range allows for a provider to effectively treat each patient while maintaining financial health. Achieving the optimal panel size for your practice is essential to fulfilling the aims of population health; …

Technological Innovation is the Future of Healthcare – Are You Prepared to Stay Ahead of the Curve?

 The future of medicine is exciting. Sure, in its current state the healthcare industry is woefully behind the technological curve and the reasons for that are manifold: security concerns, barriers to interoperability. But changes are imminent. A recent poll by Kaiser indicates that 80% of Americans believe that having a portable online healthcare record is …

24/7 Health – The Demand for Digital Solutions

Increasingly, consumers are asking for, or even demanding, that technology play a larger role in their health care. In this post, learn about the next-generation capabilities that are quickly becoming requirements for successful health and wellness initiatives.

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