24/7 Health – The Demand for Digital Solutions

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Increasingly, consumers are asking for, or even demanding, that technology play a larger role in their health care. Recent research shows that a majority of consumers want any time, anywhere access to their doctor as well as the ability to track their health online and keep their doctor informed. Privia Health has been deeply involved in developing technologies that support closer relationships between doctors and patients, as well as the ability to coordinate wellness activities with a broader health care team. We’ve heard from doctors, consumers, and industry visionaries in health care, technology, and consumer marketing. Below are a few of the next-generation capabilities that are quickly becoming requirements for successful health and wellness initiatives. 
Team-based collaboration:
Private social networks are having a dramatic impact on the delivery of wellness programming. Connecting a patient with his or her doctor and extended wellness team online provides an enhanced level of support. With a private social network, individuals can send and receive secure messages, identify wellness goals, see individual care recommendations, set targets, track progress, and get real-time feedback from their team —all while using an interface that is intuitive and consistent with their other social networking activity.
Care reminders & alerts:
Using technology to customize messaging creates opportunities for better preventive care. This includes sending care reminders that help individuals better manage health conditions and their overall wellness, such as alerts when they are overdue for a vaccination or screening test. It also involves continually monitoring key health indicators at the individual level and alerting both the patient and the doctor when something needs attention—basically, a “mission control” for each individual’s health.
Personalized information:
Today, consumers are able to filter their news and entertainment based on their specific interests. This same technology can be leveraged in health care to deliver personalized and relevant health content and data to individuals based on their specific preferences and conditions. Cutting through the clutter helps individuals set a clearer course of action and more effectively motivates them toward change.
Convenience factor:
Most consumers are very interested in technology that will make health care less of a hassle in their daily routine. As a result, innovative programs are creating the ability to request appointments and refill prescriptions online or to use technology to avoid the time and expense of an office visit for a routine issue. Foundational elements such as the ability to e-mail a doctor to securely access health records online and to use tools and trackers for wellness activities are all critical, but the next generation of wellness programs must go farther to meet consumer expectations. Programs must truly personalize the experience. They must foster effective collaboration between providers and patients. And they must be able to deliver relevant and real-time updates, alerts, and feedback that drive healthier outcomes.

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