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How Can Maternity Care Drive Value-Based Models?

Contrary to what analysts predicted years ago, value-based care has yet to overhaul the healthcare delivery system. Mark Cone, MD, examines how women’s health — an extremely overlooked area — is the perfect entry point to demonstrate value while improving the health of mothers and newborns. Learn how partnerships and innovative payment models can help patients and the industry alike!

The “Fourth Trimester” & the Importance of Postpartum Follow-Ups

Postpartum care — the “fourth trimester”  — is too often overlooked and undervalued in women’s healthcare. In observation of National Women’s Health Week, we spoke with two OB-GYNs about the clinical and cultural changes needed to better support mothers and children.

Why CMS’ Primary Cares Initiative Can Reshape Healthcare

CMS’ new initiative recognizes that primary care is foundational in driving the shift to value-based care. Privia Health™ CEO Shawn Morris dives into how physician-led groups can lead the charge — and what organizations must do to support them.

How Our Dedication to Service Can Cause Burnout

How can doctors’ dedication to service and helping patients lead to burnout? In this post, Joseph DeVeau, MD, explores how physicians’ greatest virtues can — paradoxically — cause them the most harm.

The Ever-Evolving Role of Doctors

The increased awareness of the social determinants of health has given providers a robust vocabulary to describe their vocation. As part of our “Heart of Healthcare” series, pediatrician Sally Goza, MD, writes about the doctor’s role as a healer, social worker, teacher, and advocate.

The Rundown | Women’s History Month Edition

What is the first immunotherapy drug for breast cancer? Why are women diagnosed later in life than men? What does the 117th Congress’s diversity mean for healthcare? Find the answers to these questions and more in The Rundown!

Why Even the Best Doctors Burn Out

In my life as in my research, I’ve found that our strengths as doctors — when unchecked — can lead to burnout. Find out how values like excellence and compassion, two virtues of our profession, can cause us to feel exhausted, disenchanted, and burnt out.

How EHRs Improve Patient Safety

EHRs can improve patient safety in several ways while saving providers time. Privia Health™ CTO Chris Voigt analyzes how automation, patient-reported data, and engagement can help providers and their patients!

4 (Mistaken) Reasons Providers Don’t Adopt Telehealth

Virtual visits can drastically increase patient engagement and satisfaction while saving providers time and money. And yet some practices haven’t adopted this technology. We’re debunking 4 common misconceptions providers have about telehealth and showing why it’s an essential tool for providers.

How Can Providers Address Racial Equity in Healthcare?

As Black History Month concludes, now is the perfect time to reflect on ways providers can create a healthier — and more equal — society by addressing race. What do the studies on bias tell us? What steps can you take? Find out on our blog!

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