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Digital Health Trends Providers Need to Know for 2020

Discover three promising technology trends that can boost the patient-provider relationship, increase patient access, and automate administrative work so patients and providers have a healthier — and happier — 2020!

The Rundown by inforMD | Week of 1.13.2020

How many more ACOs joined Pathways to Success in 2019? How well are healthcare leaders using data and analytics? How much does marathon training improve heart health? Find out in The Rundown by inforMD!

The Rundown by inforMD | Week of 1.6.2020

How many billions does America spend on healthcare administration? Do older paitents read online provider reviews? How can states lower healthcare costs? Find out in The Rundown by inforMD!

The Rundown | Week of 1.1.2020

Do hospital mergers improve the patient experience? Is oversleeping bad? Why are Americans going to the doctor less often? Find out in The Rundown!

The Rundown | Week of 12.16.2019

What is the FDA’s plan for importing drugs from Canada? Why is the DOJ suing CVS? What’s the link between vaping and lung illness? Find out in The Rundown!

The Rundown | Week of 12.9.2019

How much progress has value-based care made? Why are millennials and Gen Xers unhappy with health plans? How much did healthcare spending in the U.S. increase last year? Find out in The Rundown!

How Providers Can Help Patients with the "Holiday Blues"

For many, the holidays aren’t the “most wonderful time of the year.” Learn how telehealth and collaborative care can help patients with the “holiday blues.”

The Troubling Feedback Loop of Primary Care

Despite primary care’s proven effectiveness, fewer physicians are joining the field. Privia Health CEO Shawn Morris analyzes how this causes a problematic “feedback loop” and proposes three novel solutions to address the problem before it becomes a crisis.

How Physician-Led ACOs Accelerate the Volume-to-Value Transition

Physician-led ACOs helped save the healthcare industry $739 million last year while advancing value-based care. What can this teach providers about healthcare’s “Quadruple Aim” and the future of medicine?

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