Solutions for Doctors

“The people at Privia are very caring in their approach, they’re very up-to-date in their skills and technology, and they have a very good system - being able to deliver health care into the 21st century.”

– John Valenti, M.D., Privia Doctor

Improved Outcomes for
Your Patients and Your Practice

Privia works with top physicians to deliver clinically integrated prevention, wellness, and care management programs to patients. Privia’s role in population health management is to support patients in-between office visits, helping them implement their doctors care recommendations. Privia doctors are able to increase their revenue and enter into better arrangements with payers by implementing these programs and delivering high quality care.

Generate additional revenue for your practice

Privia’s health management programs enable your practice to generate significant additional income for improving the quality, efficiency, and your patient’s care experience. By joining together with other high performance physician practices in the Privia Quality Network or Privia Medical Group, you’ll have a unique opportunity to be a part of a group of leading providers who are transforming medicine — and who are being appropriately rewarded for the significant value they create.

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Join the Leading Physicians In Your Field

Privia is a network of top physicians who are highly respected in their communities and are committed to providing their patients with a modern, proactive healthcare experience that’s focused on wellness. As a Privia affiliated top doctor, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in and build relationships with other doctors in Privia’s exclusive physician network, and you’ll benefit from Privia’s marketing outreach to patients in your community. As healthcare transforms from volume-based to value-based care, you’ll enjoy having a practice development partner who helps you implement population health management programs, streamlines your practice management, improves your revenue cycle performance, and helps you acquire and retain patients by providing a best-in-class healthcare experience.

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A modern technology approach to collaborating with patients

Privia’s technology enables you to better connect and collaborate with your patients on their care. You’ll have easy access to web-based technology tools that allow you to send secure messages, provide updates to all of your patients, strengthen relationships by easily sending patients messages and relevant medical research and get a 360 degree view of each patients at any point. For example, get notified when your patient has been admitted into the hospital and receive updated details on their case. Your patients will love the convenience and highly personalized touch, and the opportunity to stay connected with you and your practice outside of the office.

A proactive focus on wellness for your patients

As a top doctor, you know that achieving good health requires more than just sick care... it also takes a proactive focus on nutrition, exercise, emotional wellbeing, and preventive clinical medicine. Privia helps you expand your practice’s services in these important areas – giving patients access to a top wellness team who will help them identify goals, develop realistic action plans, track progress, and provide them ongoing coaching and support.

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