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We form anchor partnerships with medical groups, health systems, IPAs, and CINs to help enhance operations and care delivery in their communities.

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Solutions to Grow Networks & Capabilities

Our proven model is flexible and capital-efficient. We adapt to fit our anchor partners’ unique needs and market dynamics to support performance across all lines of business. Our approach is designed to boost engagement and reduce the cost and complexity of managing a physician enterprise in the new era of value-based care.

Management Services Organization (MSO)

Our MSO is designed to provide services that reduce administrative workloads, increase efficiency, and lower direct costs in practice operations. This framework can provide long-term revenue opportunities for our anchor partners.

Medical Group Enablement

Our single-TIN, regional medical groups are created to aggregate and empower independent physicians. This approach is designed to create scale in the market through governance and clinical integration while aligning financial incentives with market dynamics.

Health System Partnerships

We work with health systems to increase alignment of employed and independent physicians to help optimize resource utilization through our cost-effective, clinically aligned strategies. Our model can help enable providers to connect with new patient populations, create custom contracts that provide greater value, and further integrate with their community.

Accountable Care Organization (ACO) &
Population Health

Our physician-led ACOs are built to lower costs, engage patients, reduce utilization, and improve coordination to patient quality metrics to advance value-based care. We provide value-based contracting and managed support services to help increase performance, grow attribution, and accelerate revenue across all lines of business.

Technology Support

Our national, cloud-based technology solution is designed to drive consistency, scale, and best practices across all providers. This approach helps us nimbly and seamlessly deliver essential information at the point of care and implement improvements that benefit physicians, their patients, and our partners.

Case Study: Health System Partnerships

Discover how Privia helped Health First, a Florida-based health system, upgrade technology, align physicians, and accelerate toward value-based care.


Privia Health combines technology and physician support to maximize the benefits of our population health strategy. The results are less administrative burdens, more time with patients, and better outcomes.

Keith Fernandez, MD, Chief Clinical Officer
Privia Health

Privia’s complementary model is deeply embedded in the day-to-day work of our teams. It’s a partnership — not a vendor relationship. That is very natural and very effective for us and many others.

Frank Letherby, CEO, Community Health Services
Health First Inc.

Privia leadership stresses quality, population health, performance, and excellence. That’s where we really first learned about how you can translate population health, governance, and measurement at your local clinic and local facility.

Tim Laird, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Health First Medical Group

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