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The Rundown | Week of 1.1.2019

How will CMS encourage ACOs to take on more risk? How does a Mediterranean diet affect men and women differently? Why are so many more colleges offering high-deductible health plans? Find the answers to these questions and more in The Rundown, our weekly digest of healthcare’s most important issues!

How Do Physician-Led ACOs Accelerate the “Quadruple Aim” + Population Health?

Physician-led ACOs routinely outperform hospital ACOs. Why is this? Learn what policies and features enable these organizations to improve the patient experience while lowering costs!

The Rundown | Week of 8.13.2018

What’s the link between after-hours work emails and anxiety? What’s the verdict on the $289 million Monsanto case? How is Amazon adopting primary care practices? All this and more in The Rundown, your weekly digest of healthcare’s most important issues!

Accountable Care Organizations Are Here to Stay

Accountable Care Organizations (also commonly known as ACOs) have been all the buzz over the past two years as a way to curb our skyrocketing healthcare costs. Accountable Care Organizations are no longer an idealistic concept, now these networks are truly proving their worth. In 2014, 20 pioneer and 333 shared savings program ACOs generated …

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