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How to Start the Volume-to-Value Transition at Your Practice

The benefits of value-based arrangements — increased time with patients, reimbursements that reward high-quality care, and more — appeal to many providers. However, the barriers to entry are often confusing and intimidating. Sam Starbuck, Vice President of Privia Quality Network, offers his expert perspective on how and where providers can get started with value-based models.

How Physician-Led ACOs Accelerate the Volume-to-Value Transition

Physician-led ACOs helped save the healthcare industry $739 million last year while advancing value-based care. What can this teach providers about healthcare’s “Quadruple Aim” and the future of medicine?

How Can Maternity Care Drive Value-Based Models?

Contrary to what analysts predicted years ago, value-based care has yet to overhaul the healthcare delivery system. Mark Cone, MD, examines how women’s health — an extremely overlooked area — is the perfect entry point to demonstrate value while improving the health of mothers and newborns. Learn how partnerships and innovative payment models can help patients and the industry alike!

The “Fourth Trimester” & the Importance of Postpartum Follow-Ups

Postpartum care — the “fourth trimester”  — is too often overlooked and undervalued in women’s healthcare. In observation of National Women’s Health Week, we spoke with two OB-GYNs about the clinical and cultural changes needed to better support mothers and children.

The 5 Essential (and Overlooked) Steps to Risk-Based Contracts

Why aren’t risk-based contracts more popular? Join Keith Fernandez, MD, as he explores ways physicians can advance these risky — yet rewarding — payment models.

Proving Your Worth: Value-Based Care Drives Data Demands

Clunky technology and administrative hassles force providers to exert herculean energy to discover basic data about their practices. How many diabetics do you treat at your practice? How many non-smokers? What about patients with more than one chronic illness? Understanding the nuances of your patient population is important to you because you care about the …

Understanding the Volume to Value Transition

By now, you’ve heard about the transition from volume to value in healthcare, but what does it really mean? In this blog, I’ll attempt to explain it in layman’s terms. Value-based Care and the Connection with Population Health Simply put, “value” is defined as better quality for lower cost; an easy concept to grasp, but …

Four Myths About Independent Physicians, Debunked

According to a recently issued American Medical Association study, the number of independent doctors has declined in the period between 2012 to 2016, leaving fewer than 47.1% of physicians with ownership stakes in a medical practice. Yet, in a recently issued survey conducted by Medscape, market analysts say they expect private practices will remain a …

Tips for Scripts: Value-Based Drug Pricing

Everyone is talking about outrageous drug prices: $44,000 for Olysio, a drug used to treat Hepatitis C; $51,600 for HP Acthar, a gel that treats multiple sclerosis; $1,000 per pill for Sovaldi, another Hepatitis C drug, which amounts to a whopping $84,000 for a full 12-week course treatment. The tides on drug prices may soon be …

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