The Rundown | Week of 4.17.2017

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Healthcare is a rapidly evolving industry – it’s difficult to read up on everything that matters to you. But the success of your practice can depend on how knowledgeable you are about changes in the healthcare landscape. Privia has compiled a weekly list of important articles we are reading on healthcare industry trends, clinical best practices and legislative updates for your convenience. Here are some of the important articles and blogs on health care that stood out this week:

Interesting clip:In six months, researchers found that practices that were a part of the centralized population health program had better results in helping patients receive cancer screenings. There was a 14.8% increase in cancer screenings for underserved patients that were a part of the centralized care program.

Interesting clip: “For physicians and their teams, the focus now needs to be on finding economical ways to do the most good for the most people, making population health management a critical strategy. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, practices that implement population health programs can more easily identify chronic and preventive care needs, provide planned care and outreach based on diseases or conditions, offer patients self-management support, monitor health and recommend changes to care plans, and evaluate practice performance by tracking patient data and comparing it with national guidelines and internal benchmarks.”

Interesting clip: “Prior to the initiation of the current value-based care pilots, there were essentially no oncology practices succeeding in all 3 areas, and few have yet to address any single challenge efficiently. In order to successfully participate in the variety of payment models available to them, practices must consider whether they will formulate an organic solution or seek external support.”

Interesting clip: “Insurers who attended Tuesday’s meeting with Seema Verma, the new Medicare administrator, ‘reiterated our most pressing concern: the instability in the individual market created by the uncertainty of funding,’ according to a statement from America’s Health Insurance Plans, one of the main industry trade groups.

Interesting clip: “The final rule includes stricter requirements for special enrollment periods. Individuals will have to provide supporting documentation for special enrollment periods outside of the annual sign-up period. “It will encourage individuals to stay enrolled in coverage all year, reducing gaps in coverage and resulting in fewer individual mandate penalties and help to lower premiums,” said CMS.’”