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Save Money and Time on Healthcare Business Solutions

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Physicians are routinely presented with complex challenges to providing quality care and running their practices effectively. The choice of business operations and tech solutions is equally overwhelming — just type “EHR providers” into Google, and you’ll get millions of hits and over 20 suggestions.

Aside from placing additional burdens on providers, managing multiple disparate systems and siloed tools takes precious time away from patients. 

One way to substantially impact the bottom line is to find a business-oriented, patient-focused partner with a comprehensive, flexible suite of solutions that reduces the reliance on multiple solutions.

Five Reasons to Consider a Singular Partnership

1. Reduce Costs

Fee structures can change on a dime — pun intended — for a variety of reasons. For example, software providers may charge more for software add-ons that aren’t particularly helpful or necessary. Having a partner with a transparent fee structure can be far more valuable than paying for and dealing with multiple systems.

Do your systems help control costs by:

  • Customizing their model and services to fit your practice’s needs?
  • Providing data support, patient-focused tools, and value-based care expertise?
  • Clearly explaining how their pricing structures work, including additional fees or service charges?


2. Streamline Services

Mismatched systems can cause delays that doctors cannot afford, especially if they are caring for patients with chronic conditions. Also, since many healthcare support systems have similar services, the risk of paying for duplicate or extraneous tools may increase.

Do your systems provide cohesive services that:

  • Reduce the number of hours you and your staff spend on administrative work?
  • Integrate data and resources in a user-friendly interface that alerts you of potential care gaps?
  • Creates a seamless and efficient daily workflow?


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3. Easily Access Support

Calling one tech support team to address issues is much better than having to make multiple time-consuming calls. Integrated technology that’s paired with a responsive support team helps physicians and their staff spend more time with patients and less time troubleshooting or refining processes.

Do your systems provide adequate support by:

  • Responding quickly to your needs and keeping you updated?
  • Resolving technical difficulties as efficiently as possible?
  • Proactively informing you of changes, updates, or opportunities?


4. Improve Security

A vulnerability in one healthcare service provider’s system like a ransomware attack may pose a serious — and potentially expensive — security risk to your practice. Third-party technical service solutions accounted for almost 35 percent of overall healthcare data breaches in 2022.

Do your systems help protect you and your patients by:

  • Providing timely security information, protocols, and patches?
  • Having a reputable cybersecurity platform and being transparent about their security history and measures?
  • Having reasonable safeguards to help prevent unauthorized access?


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5. Build a Relationship

It’s not the quantity of support services, it’s the quality. Having fewer systems allows physicians and staff to form — and leverage — stronger business relationships. Aside from building trust, these relationships can potentially open up more opportunities for collaboration that can enhance autonomy.

Do your systems actively seek and listen to their customers’ input by:

  • Incorporating your feedback into their solutions?
  • Designing their technology around physicians’ needs and preferences?
  • Developing an active relationship with you?

Overall, the most compelling reason to consolidate multiple support systems is that it helps put patients first. Streamlining services into one go-to resource helps providers avoid unnecessary costs, duplicative services, and time-sucking administrative services so they can focus on providing excellent care.

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