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Podcast Preview: "2018: Year in Review"

From CVS-Aetna to Cigna-Express Scripts, 2018 was a year of high-dollar megamergers and strategic partnerships. What can these alliances tell us about the current state and future of healthcare? Listen to The Break Room podcast with Privia Health CEO Shawn Morris and take a deep dive into these deals to find out!

7 Tips to Compete and Align With Urgent Care Centers

Patients’ growing reliance on urgent care clinics jeopardizes their relationship with providers and reduces primary care practices’ revenue. Learn the 7 strategies you can borrow from “minute clinics” to reverse this trend, help your patients, and boost your bottom line!

Peak Practice Performance: Patient Engagement

Engaging and treating patients is why many doctors chose this profession. This work is rewarding, but often extremely difficult. Learn how your practice can use online reputation management, social media, patient feedback surveys, and other tools to navigate this territory and help your patients!

Tips for Healthy Aging Month from 4 Providers

In observation of Healthy Aging Month, we spoke with four providers to see what advice they would give to their patients to maintain and bolster their health as they grow older. Their tips covered everything from fitness goals to fast food. Take a minute to read their responses!

Understanding Millennials: Two Vital Statistics for PCPs

Millennial patients pose unique challenges for physicians. How can you appeal to this demographic of 75.4 million Americans who, by 2020, will make the majority of healthcare decisions?

How to Empower Female Patients’ Advocacy & Avoid the Yentl Syndrome

In observance of National Women’s Health Week, we’re focusing on issues in healthcare that affect more than half the country’s population. Though the field has made huge gains recently, there are still hurdles. It’s difficult to disentangle these challenges from larger, systemic problems so pervasive in our society. Women wait longer in the ER before …

Why Privia Gives Back

Together we donated a five-figure contribution, thousands of diapers, and hundreds of volunteer hours to those in need within our community. But the numbers don’t tell the full story. That’s because the story of Privia Gives Back is, in many ways, the story of Privia. Now in its fourth year, this week of charity has …

Are your patients prepared to make their most important decision? Here’s how you can help.

Every year between March and April, over 1.5 million people visit DC to view the famous cherry blossom trees coming back to life after several wintery months. This event ushers in the unofficial start of spring, bringing a feeling of rejuvenation to the nation’s capital. This beauty of spring will soon change to summer heat, …

One in Five of Your Patients Are Lonely: A Research Study

A second-year medical student participates in a study examining the correlation between patient loneliness and lack of primary care visits. The findings underscore the need for investments in research on social determinants of health and value-based medicine. A recent study, conducted in part by one of Privia’s own physicians, Dr. Alex Krist, and researchers at …

Tips for Scripts: Value-Based Drug Pricing

Everyone is talking about outrageous drug prices: $44,000 for Olysio, a drug used to treat Hepatitis C; $51,600 for HP Acthar, a gel that treats multiple sclerosis; $1,000 per pill for Sovaldi, another Hepatitis C drug, which amounts to a whopping $84,000 for a full 12-week course treatment. The tides on drug prices may soon be …

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