Why Privia Gives Back

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Together we donated a five-figure contribution, thousands of diapers, and hundreds of volunteer hours to those in need within our community. But the numbers don’t tell the full story. That’s because the story of Privia Gives Back is, in many ways, the story of Privia.
Now in its fourth year, this week of charity has expanded and transformed alongside the growth of the company. The event was moved from autumn to spring to coincide with #NationalCommunityServiceWeek and, for the first time, the donees were decided democratically via a company-wide survey. Our selection? Children who could use a little extra support.
Improving the future by empowering the youth, like changing healthcare, is a huge operation. While there is no silver bullet for either of these issues, we aim to do our part to pave the way for a better, brighter future.
Privia’s approach to healthcare and charity prioritizes diversity, independence, and community. That’s why each of our five regions individually selected local charities that reflect and capture their area’s unique culture and needs.
“There’s no, ‘Here’s how we do it in the Mid-Atlantic, now copy-and-paste it for your region,’” says Culture Coordinator Kathleen Young, who spearheads Privia Gives Back. “Instead, we make it work for each community.”

Ready, Set, Go!

Nutrition, exercise, and hygiene are all part of a holistic approach to better health. That’s why all of the activities throughout the week operated at the intersection of these components and our mission of helping kids. The week’s events were replete with a 5k fun run on a sunny spring day; a Krispy Kreme donut and coffee bake sale; a spring cleaning at the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America; a happy hour and raffle with fun prizes; and a mid-day chance to assemble toiletry kits and PB&Js.
“We’re all about empowering our employees and feeling that we can make a difference. It’s empowering to go, to do, to give, to experience,” Young says. While donating empowers specialized organizations to effect change, volunteering fosters awareness, promotes camaraderie, releases endorphins, emphasizes the benefits of a team-based approach, and gets people actively involved.

Values: What They Mean at Privia

Besides the boost in morale, the week crystallized and emphasized what is most important to Privia. Values aren’t corporate cliches; they’re not phrases plastered on motivational posters. They’re essential to life day in, day out. What are these values we hold near and dear?
We are outcomes obsessed. We set ambitious goals and exceeded them. The company banded together to raise money and volunteer, to hit our goals and make a difference.
We live by the mantra “We are they.” It’s one thing to say you’re a part of the community, it’s another to go out and get your hands dirty helping your community.
We do the right thing. Charity is about extending a helping hand without any motives other than goodwill and a spirit of giving.
We believe in changing the world by changing ourselves. Our actions, values, and business decisions are models for what we’d like to see in healthcare. This week was proof of that.
Ever since the company took shape, we have led with our core values and Privia Gives Back is an opportunity to reflect, reiterate, and elaborate upon these values.
A common refrain we hear from doctors is that they want to be part of “something bigger” in order to succeed in a new healthcare system that rewards providers for quality and outcomes. That “something bigger” is not just the impetus for Privia Gives Back, but Privia as a whole.  
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