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Florida Medical Association Collaborates with Privia Health to Help Physicians Stay Ahead

FMA Collaborates with Privia Health

The Florida Medical Association (FMA) is proud to welcome Privia Health (Privia) and introduce its members to Privia’s platform of top industry talent, physician leadership development, scalable systems, and proprietary technology that help physicians achieve better outcomes, improve the health of patients and the well-being of providers, and reduce unnecessary healthcare costs.

How Health Systems Are Driving the Volume-to-Value Transition

Health systems are pivotal in the volume-to-value transition. Frank Letherby, CEO, Health First Medical Group and Privia Medical Group — Florida, examines how health systems can serve patient-customers while gathering important data to drive performance and value-based care.

Privia Health™ Announces First Partnership With Health System


Privia’s Southeast network expands with more than 380 Health First providers ARLINGTON, VA (March 4, 2019) Privia Health (“Privia”) announced today that it entered into a partnership with Health First, the largest provider organization and initial health system to join Privia. Privia and Health First will collaborate to reduce healthcare costs, achieve better outcomes, and …

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