Switching Practices to Flourish as a Physician

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In our “Physician Voices” podcast series, we welcome doctors to share their unique stories, expert perspectives, and helpful insights. In this episode, we welcome Nalini Casey, MD, from Bayside Pediatrics in Annapolis, Maryland, for a candid Q&A. We discuss how Privia simplified the process of switching practices for her, the impact this change has made in her life, and the benefits of a Privia partnership, such as pediatrics-specific technology, coding support, and opportunities for physician leadership.

This excerpt of our conversation is edited for length and clarity. You can listen to the full episode below and find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or your preferred platform.

Q: What was your state of mind when you decided to explore moving to a new practice, and what was the first step you took?

I was disheartened, and I knew that there was so much more out there. So I Googled and browsed doctors’ websites, looking around for practices and putting out some feelers. I didn’t know anything about Privia. I didn’t even know what Privia was until Lisa [Freda, Vice President of Provider Recruitment] called me. The rest is history.


Learn how Privia helps one pediatrician run a profitable, patient-focused practice.


When she called, I was in a hotel room in Florida. My dog needed knee surgery and had to stay overnight, so I was just sitting there doing nothing when the call came in. I obviously had the time, but this was after-hours for her. She spent over an hour on the phone getting to know me. Where I trained. Where I worked. What my experiences were.

Based on that phone call, she was able to offer me information and set up interviews with at least four practices, maybe more. And she honed right in on what my expectations were, what I wanted, and where I was coming from as well as what the other practices wanted. It was almost like a matchmaking service.

Q: That’s so awesome to hear. Switching practices, even when it’s a wonderful change, is still daunting. How has Privia supported you throughout this journey, and what difference has that made in your life?

Coming in as a new physician (not experience-wise but into a new practice), you can either sink or swim in terms of your patient population. There’s a very different patient population here than in Florida. Privia, by making everything so easy — the charting, the coding — has allowed me to very quickly get up to speed on the community here, the type of patient I’m seeing, and how I can best help them. I’ve taken some time to get to know the therapists, psychiatrists, ER docs, and radiologists we refer to here.

I always try to go the extra mile, and now I have time to do that. It’s really just amazing to me. I feel like I’m finally the whole physician that I’ve always wanted to be.

To learn more about Privia’s provider recruitment and explore open positions, visit our Provider Careers webpage.


Nalini Casey, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician at Bayside Pediatrics in Annapolis, Maryland. She enjoys cooking, oil painting, and spending time with her family, including her two English Mastiffs and a 160-pound mutt.



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