The Rundown | Week of 9.25.2017

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Why Preventative Cost Strategies are Key
In the U.S., the cost burden for four vaccine-preventable diseases is about $26.3 billion per year for adults ages 50-65, Becker’s Hospital Review reports. For that reason, CMO of Geisinger John Bulger stresses that the healthcare industry needs to encourage adult immunizations instead of focusing solely on children. This is because the shift to value-based care requires a change in thinking by physicians to prevent disease, in tandem with pushes from executive leadership to manage the requirements of value-based models. Suggestions for improving preventative care include clear communication from leadership about the value of prevention to clinicians, the leveraging of EHRs in immunization strategies, and the implementation of policies where physicians offer necessary vaccines, regardless of the appointment reason.
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Attaching Health Reform to Tax Reform
After the failure of Graham-Cassidy, some Senate Republicans are attempting to merge healthcare with their next budget reconciliation measure for FY2018. In effect, this would extend the September 30 deadline for healthcare reform. Some Republicans are concerned, however, that such a measure will derail plans for tax reform.
Read more: “Some Republicans want to merge tax reform, health care and GOP already eyeing next chance to revive Obamacare repeal”
Lattes, Yoga, and….Healthcare?
According to the 2017 Millenial Impact Report issued by Achieve, millenials care about healthcare — a lot. The 3,000 young people who were interviewed for the report expressed that among the issues concerning them the most, healthcare was tied for number two along with job creation. How do they express their concern? Millennials said they respond to these issues by voting for politicians who hold their views, signing petitions and contacting political representatives.
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Big Wins in World Health
Last week’s meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in New York revealed a number of global healthcare achievements, the New York TImes reports. Wins include the elimination of fetal and maternal tetanus in all of the Americas, and the dissemination of antiretroviral HIV medications to all African countries for a nominal fee of $75 per year.
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Maria Slows Down Puerto Rico’s pharma business
Electricity has been wiped out across Puerto Rico after the devastation from Hurricane Maria. As a result, USA Today reports that “many, if not all” pharmaceutical plants have halted production, as power is not expected to be restored to the island for 3-6 months. While many of these global factories have backup generators, the employees have not been able to return to work as they deal with the loss of their homes and communities. USA Today reports that pharmaceuticals represent 72% of Puerto Rico’s 2016 exports and 25% of the total U.S. pharmaceutical exports.
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