Physician's hand using EHR to help patients, as explored in this case study.

Case Study: Creating a Physician-Friendly, Life-Saving EHR

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This case study explores the value of patient-facing technology, physician-led governance, and support to streamline private practice operations and growth. But it begins with a story.

A patient in the third trimester of pregnancy visits Reut Bardach, MD, her OB-GYN, for a routine prenatal visit. Dr. Bardach notes slightly elevated blood pressure, but the patient reportedly feels fine. Out of an abundance of caution, Dr. Bardach orders lab work to screen for preeclampsia, a condition that can rapidly progress and jeopardize the lives of the mother and her unborn child.

Fast forward to that evening. The soon-to-be mom checks her patient portal and notices that her lab results from earlier that day are available to view. What she discovers shocks her.

She rushes herself to the hospital where she’s scheduled for an emergency C-section. The hospital notifies Dr. Bardach, who races over to perform the procedure. Fortunately, the surgery was a success, and this harrowing ordeal has a happy ending for the mother and her newborn.

However, this story could’ve ended differently if it weren’t for the integrated tech and talented teams working behind the scenes.

Case Study front page showing headline "How a Physician-Friendly EHR Saves Lives"



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This story highlights the complex challenges and promising solutions within the broader healthcare landscape. See how the right partner can help physicians:

  • Contribute expertise and feedback to develop physician-friendly tech and workflows
  • Deploy digital tools that engage and empower patients before, during, and between visits
  • Offload administrative work to focus on patients and grow their practice
  • Navigate and remain compliant with ever-changing regulations
  • Participate in physician-led governance to collaborate and influence care delivery
  • Protect autonomy amid rampant consolidation and declining rates of private-practice ownership


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