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3 Healthcare Trends That Will Rock 2020

What three healthcare trends do we think will kick off the decade? Strategic alliances, robotics, and novel contracting. Learn how these forces can shape 2020 — and beyond!

Growing Your Practice With Behavioral Interviewing

Adding a physician to your independent practice is a difficult process, but behavioral interviewing can make it easier and more effective. Lisa Freda, director of physician recruitment at Privia Health, will teach you how to ask the right questions to find the perfect provider to fit your growing practice!

Podcast Preview: Healthcare Trends That Rocked 2019

Privia Health CEO Shawn Morris examines how healthcare consumerism, interoperability, and value-based care defined the healthcare landscape in 2019.

The Rundown by inforMD | Week of 1.20.2020

Can changing EHR defaults lower opioid prescriptions? Are the FDA’s approval processes fast and safe enough? Does price transparency enable cancer patients to “comparison shop”? Find out in The Rundown by inforMD!

Digital Health Trends Providers Need to Know for 2020

Discover three promising technology trends that can boost the patient-provider relationship, increase patient access, and automate administrative work so patients and providers have a healthier — and happier — 2020!

The Rundown by inforMD | Week of 1.13.2020

How many more ACOs joined Pathways to Success in 2019? How well are healthcare leaders using data and analytics? How much does marathon training improve heart health? Find out in The Rundown by inforMD!

The Rundown by inforMD | Week of 1.6.2020

How many billions does America spend on healthcare administration? Do older paitents read online provider reviews? How can states lower healthcare costs? Find out in The Rundown by inforMD!

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