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In 2015, 30 providers left the status quo. They chose to partner with Privia to control their destiny, remain patient-centered, and participate in the value they create. Since then, hundreds of providers from all corners of Georgia have followed in their footsteps. We empower providers with industry-leading capabilities, all tightly integrated to reduce cost and friction as healthcare shifts from a fee-for-service world to value-based care. Together, we are influencing the market to reward providers for delivering best-in-class care to patients.


Zia Khan, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Privia Medical Group — Georgia

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Aaron Williams

Aaron Williams

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Helping Providers Thrive

How does Privia reduce waste in the healthcare system? By financially rewarding providers for delivering high-quality, cost-efficient care.


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Why Partner With Privia?

Retain practice ownership and oversee all clinical decisions with the support of a larger group and a powerful suite of services. Our physician-led governance structures elevate the clinical voice in population health initiatives and foster accountability and cohesion.

Perform better financially and remain viable as an private practice. Our tools and payer relations support your practice to perform at the highest levels while transitioning to rewarding value-based care models.

Optimize the patient experience with convenient, cutting-edge tools designed to increase engagement. We help nurture the patient-provider relationship so patients receive the right care at the right place.

Enjoy an enhanced provider experience by focusing on high-quality, cost-efficient patient care, not administrative work. Our talented teams analyze complex regulations, policies, and data, then deliver actionable insights so you can dedicate more time to your patients.

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Generating Savings and Helping Patients

As the state’s highest performing accountable care organization (ACO), our physician partners generated more than $23 million through the Medicare Shared Savings Program in 2022. As a result, the Privia ACO delivered more money to participating physicians than any other ACO in Georgia. Our physician-led ACO improved the health of patients throughout the state, providing high-value, cost-efficient care.





2022 Medicare
Shared Savings





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