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The Rundown | Week of 1.1.2020

Do hospital mergers improve the patient experience? Is oversleeping bad? Why are Americans going to the doctor less often? Find out in The Rundown!

The Rundown | Week of 12.16.2019

What is the FDA’s plan for importing drugs from Canada? Why is the DOJ suing CVS? What’s the link between vaping and lung illness? Find out in The Rundown!

The Rundown | Week of 12.9.2019

How much progress has value-based care made? Why are millennials and Gen Xers unhappy with health plans? How much did healthcare spending in the U.S. increase last year? Find out in The Rundown!

The Rundown | Week of 12.2.2019

Why are hospitals suing HHS? Do medical costs affect holiday planning? Why are more Americans dying in middle age? Find out in The Rundown!

The Rundown | Week of 11.18.2019

Do more expensive hospitals have better patient health outcomes? Why are beneficiaries choosing no-premium Medicare Advantage plans? Why have Medicare’s fee-for-service improper payments decreased? Find out in The Rundown!

The Rundown | Week of 11.11.2019

How can providers improve their EHR satisfaction? When will hospitals have to post negotiated rates? Does insomnia increase the risk of stroke? Find out in The Rundown!

The Rundown | Week of 8.19.2019

“Note bloat” or workplace chaos, which is more likely to cause burnout? How does social media affect boys and girls differently? What is CMS’ new rating system? Find the answers to these questions and more in The Rundown!

How Interoperability Stitches Together EHRs

What can we learn from accountable care organizations that all use a shared EHR? What does this tell us about how we can reapproach interoperability? What barriers stand in the way? Explore these questions with Privia Health™ Chief Technology Officer Chris Voigt!

How EHRs Improve Patient Safety

EHRs can improve patient safety in several ways while saving providers time. Privia Health™ CTO Chris Voigt analyzes how automation, patient-reported data, and engagement can help providers and their patients!

Proving Your Worth: Value-Based Care Drives Data Demands

Clunky technology and administrative hassles force providers to exert herculean energy to discover basic data about their practices. How many diabetics do you treat at your practice? How many non-smokers? What about patients with more than one chronic illness? Understanding the nuances of your patient population is important to you because you care about the …

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