Privia Partners With Employers

Privia works with employers to deliver innovative, customized medical benefits packages supported by our cost-efficient, high-quality provider network. Our enhanced primary care model offers best-in-class care while lowering per-member, per-year costs. Our provider network, payer relationships, and proprietary technology help your employees stay healthy and happy.

Customized Health Plans for Employers Customized Narrow Networks

We develop health plans around our high-performance network of primary care and specialty providers united by our proprietary technology suite to ensure employees' care is streamlined, coordinated, and efficient.

Direct Primary Care Programs Direct Primary Care

We offer self-funded employers direct primary care programs that use analytics and network management to deliver high-quality care at an affordable price.

24/7 Online Doctor Visits Advanced Telehealth Capabilities

With 24/7 accessibility* and a user-friendly interface, our virtual visits can save time, decrease absenteeism, and improve satisfaction by allowing employees to see a provider without leaving their home or office.

Patient Portal Patient Engagement Tools

Our patients can message providers, refill prescriptions, view test results, pay bills, and schedule visits through our convenient patient portal.

Our focus on primary care and our streamlined, diverse specialist network ensure Privia patients — and your employees — easily receive great, care.


*Available to patients in Virginia, Georgia, and Florida as self-pay or covered by most commercial insurance.