Episode 23: Clinical Informatics with Nele Jessel, MD

IN EPISODE TWENTY-THREE of The Break Room, we discuss clinical informatics with Nele Jessel, MD. Learn how including the “clinical voice” in programs and technology can improve providers’ workflows and satisfaction!

Episode 22: 2019 in Review, 2020 Predictions

IN EPISODE TWENTY-TWO of The Break Room, Privia Health CEO Shawn Morris discusses interoperability, healthcare waste, patient consumerism, and other trends that shaped 2019. We also look ahead at 2020 to forecast the “Next Big Things” in healthcare.

Episode 21: Burnout by the Numbers: A Physician’s Perspective

IN EPISODE TWENTY-ONE of The Break Room, Joseph DeVeau, MD, MHL, discusses his firsthand experiences with burnout, both as a doctor and a researcher. We discuss the individual and structural causes of burnout as well as technological tools and leadership strategies to combat this widespread, overlooked epidemic.

Episode 20: Data-Driven Physician Engagement

IN EPISODE TWENTY of The Break Room, we discuss the data behind physician leadership and engagement with Jessica Sweeney-Platt, executive director of enterprise and strategic accounts at athenahealth. We’ll investigate frameworks to promote provider engagement, examine the roles technological tools and the healthcare environment play, and talk about meaningful steps leadership can take to reduce physician burnout.

Episode 19: How Pathways to Success Drives Accountability 

IN EPISODE NINETEEN of The Break Room, we’re examining Pathways to Success, the new shared savings program from CMS. Sam Starbuck, the associate vice president of Privia Quality Network, discusses the values behind Pathways to Success, ways the new model drives innovation and accountability, what providers can expect in the coming months, and much more.

Episode 18: Creating Inclusive Spaces for LGTBQ Patients

IN EPISODE EIGHTEEN of The Break Room, we’re celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month by talking with Dr. Douglas Ward of Dupont Circle Physicians Group on how providers can create an inclusive space and support the needs of LGBTQ+ patients.

Episode 17: Tracking the Transition From Volume to Value

IN EPISODE SEVENTEEN of The Break Room, Privia Health™ Executive Vice President of Transformational Value-Based Care, Mark Foulke, discusses how the transition from volume to value has evolved over the years and the importance of physician leadership in this process.

Episode 16: Building the Right IT Platform

IN EPISODE SIXTEEN of The Break Room, Privia Health™ Chief Technology Officer Chris Voigt talks about the digital transformation in healthcare and what providers need to know to build the right IT platform to meet the needs of their patients.

Episode 15: 2018 Year in Review

IN EPISODE FIFTEEN of The Break Room we close out the year with Privia’s new CEO, Shawn Morris, who joins to discuss all things healthcare in 2018 and what providers need to know in 2019.

Episode 14: Two Doctors

IN EPISODE FOURTEEN of The Break Room Dr. Elizabeth Flynn and Dr. Anita Flower from Manassas Pediatrics discuss the current state of healthcare, their hopes and hang-ups, and what they’ve learned from their patients over the years. Check out more stories at

Episode 13: The Murky Ethics of Wearables

IN EPISODE THIRTEEN of The Break Room we chat with Dr. Lisa Eckenwiler, associate professor at George Mason University, about “wearables” and what doctors should know about the ethics surrounding the rapid expansion of this unconventional technology in healthcare.

Episode 12: Tips From a Physician Recruiter

IN EPISODE TWELVE of The Break Room we’re joined by Privia’s Managing Director of Physician Recruitment here at Privia Health. Lisa walks us through her tips and suggestions for independent practices looking for the right provider for their business.

Episode 11: Elevating Women in Healthcare

IN EPISODE ELEVEN of The Break Room we’re celebrating National Women’s Health Week! We’re talking with Dr. Kay Stout, President of Virginia Women’s Center about the importance of investing in women’s health. Music provided by Lee Rosevere.

Episode 10: Telehealth and the Patient-Provider Relationship

IN EPISODE TEN of The Break Room we’re talking all things telehealth! Hear from Dr. Vaishali Geib and the Privia team on how telehealth is enhancing the relationship between patients and providers. Music provided by Lee Rosevere.

Episode 9: Medicare Advantage 101

IN EPISODE NINE of The Break Room we are joined by Dr. James Harvey, Medicare Advantage Director at Texas Health Care, to discuss the ins and outs of Medicare Advantage and what this program means for patients. Music provided by Lee Rosevere.

Episode 8: 2017 Year in Review

IN EPISODE EIGHT of The Break Room, we are joined by Doug Wenners, Interim CEO of Privia Health, and Dave Rothenberg, President of Privia Health to sift through the headlines and focus on what we’ve actually learned this year and what we need to know for 2018.

Episode 7: Healthcare’s Consumer Revolution

IN EPISODE SEVEN of The Break Room, we are joined Teri Culp, Associate Director of Customer Experience at Privia Health, and Steven Piccione, Digital Marketing Manager, to get a better understanding of the consumer revolution that is sweeping the healthcare industry.

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Episode 6: Creating Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

IN EPISODE SIX of The Break Room, we are joined by Dr. Mark Cone and Dr. Scott Bohlke as we discuss the impacts of recent hurricanes and how independent practices can create their own natural disaster preparedness plan. Music provided by Lee Rosevere.

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We’re excited to announce our newly launched blog, inforMD by Privia. At inforMD, healthcare leaders and top doctors discuss hot topics in healthcare, including how to achieve the principles of population health, revenue cycle management, industry news, and much more. Visit inforMD at

Episode 5: What role can doctors play in the cost of healthcare? (Part 2)

IN EPISODE FIVE of The Break Room, we discuss the role physicians can play in lowering the costs of healthcare. Mounting medical costs have been increasingly burdensome for many American families and in this episode we talk with Rick Foerster, Vice President of Population Health at Privia on how doctors can play an active role in lowering their patients’ costs.

Episode 4: What role can doctors play in the cost of healthcare? (Part 1)

IN EPISODE FOUR we discuss the role physicians can play in lowering the costs of healthcare. Mounting medical costs have been increasingly burdensome for many American families and in this episode we talk with Dr. Winston Liaw of Fairfax Family Practice Centers on the importance of social determinants of health and how health and wealth correlate. Music by Lee Rosevere.

Episode 3: Why Doctors Should Want to Stick to Their Day Jobs

IN EPISODE THREE we discuss physician burnout as they face mounting administrative responsibilities. We are joined by Senior Physician Executive, Dr. Keith Fernandez, as he reflects on the challenges he faced as a physician and how he’s working with doctors in fight against burnout. Music provided by Lee Rosevere

Episode 2: Expectation for Healthcare in 2017

IN EPISODE TWO we are joined by Privia’s National Practice Leader, Scott Disch, who will discuss what we can expect from healthcare in 2017. From insurance exchanges to MACRA we discuss what you need to know to stay nimble in an uncertain healthcare market. Music provided by Lee Rosevere.

Episode 1: Creating a High-Performing Practice

IN EPISODE ONE we learn how to mobilize the front office staff of your practice to create a high performance practice. Maureen Clancy, Privia’s Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management, walks listeners through how to take advantage of the three stages of the office visit; the pre-visit, the visit, and the post visit; to ensure that patients’ time is used appropriately and physicians receive payments and reimbursements in a timely manner.

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