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Episode 30: How Value-Based Care Shifted in 2020

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While the COVID-19 pandemic was healthcare’s top story for 2020, the industry also saw tremendous progress with value-based care. Our guests are Privia Health’s Mark Foulke, Executive Vice President, Transformational Value-Based Care, and Rick Foerster, Senior Vice President of Value-Based Operations. We discuss trends in commercial and federal value-based programs, partnerships for independent practices, the …

Episode 29: Clinical & Administrative Perspectives on Medicare Advantage

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In this episode of The Break Room, we’re examining Medicare Advantage from both the clinical and administrative sides to better understand what independent practices need to thrive in these innovative, rewarding plans. Our guests are Raymond W. Blair, Jr., MD, and Amy Atkins, Regional Vice President, Value-Based Initiatives, Privia Health. We discuss value-based care, social …

Episode 28: Understanding Referral Management

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As we shift to value-based care, referral management becomes increasingly important as a way to ensure patients continue to receive highest-quality care but at a lower cost, meeting patients’ needs while saving the healthcare system. To discuss this important topic, our guests today are Corey Perdue, Senior Vice President of Network Development and Governance, and …

Episode 26: How Innovative Health Systems Are Transforming Healthcare

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As health system consolidation continues, leaders are searching for innovative alternatives to gain a competitive advantage. To lend his insights and expertise on the topic, our guest today is Frank Letherby, CEO of Privia Medical Group — Florida. We discuss the challenges and opportunities health systems face when it comes to finding a partner, thriving …

Episode 25: Progress, Opportunities, and Obstacles in Women’s Healthcare

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IN EPISODE TWENTY-FIVE of The Break Room, we discuss issues in women’s healthcare, such as ways to optimize the patient experience for women, tools to offset the OB-GYN shortage, and the state of value-based care. Our guest is Melissa Montague, Vice President and General Manager, Privia Women’s Health and Pediatrics.

Episode 24: What the Volume-to-Value Transition Looks Like for Providers

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IN EPISODE TWENTY-FOUR of The Break Room, we examine the challenges providers face in transitioning to value-based care and share tips to avoid common mistakes. Our guests are Rick Foerster, Senior Vice President of Value-Based Operations at Privia Health, and Sam Starbuck, Vice President of Privia Quality Network, a high-performance accountable care organization.

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