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Happy National Doctors’ Day!

Happy National Doctors’ Day!

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Today, March 30th, is National Doctors’ Day. Here at Privia, we would like to extend a special thanks to our network of over 1,600 outstanding independent providers, who serve over 4 million patients across the nation. As some of the most respected physicians in their communities, Privia’s physicians are the driving force behind our efforts to change the healthcare system from one of sick care to wellness. They work tirelessly toward a shared goal of providing patients a better, more coordinated care experience every day.

Privia Medical Group physicians …

  • Achieve hospital readmission rates lower than 15%
  • Were ranked “great” by 91% of Privia patients in a recent survey
  • 138 in the Mid-Atlantic were named Washingtonian Top Doctors in 2016
  • Earned a quality score of 98% in 2016 MSSP results

And we’re not the only ones who are thankful; your patients want to thank you, too!

“He’s always willing to help and listen!”

Patient Review of Richard Paul Marvel, M.D, Privia Medical Group

“I really appreciated that she welcomed questions and had patience. I felt very comfortable telling her any concerns I had with my health and asking her about certain procedures.

Patient Review of Leanne J. Cha, M.D., Privia Medical Group

“He is helping me turn my life around and live a better life.”

Patient review of Mark K. Hammonds, M.D., Privia Medical Group

“Amazing, she is truly a great doctor. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Patient review of Catherine Irene Bevan, M.D., Privia Medical Group

“She always seems to have my best interest in mind, is easy to talk to and takes her time during appointments to answer questions, reassure, and make sure I’m satisfied.”

Patient review of Jamie Lynn Erwin, M.D., Privia Medical Group

Keep up the great work, doctors!

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