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We believe this is the most exciting time in history to be involved in healthcare. We think life’s too short not to do something with passion, and here at Privia we’re doing something that makes a tangible difference. We look for people with that passion. People who are curious, resourceful, hard working, and tenacious. People who disdain the status quo. Our culture is made up of people who look at the world and see opportunity, and who aren’t afraid to dive right in.

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“I ultimately joined Privia because of not just the opportunity to join an organization that is changing healthcare, but the company was high growth with an embracing, collaborative culture that really allowed me to work with people that were open to dialogue about further innovation and changes in healthcare.”

David Young, Chief Operations Officer

“Career growth at Privia is probably one of the craziest things to think about. I’ve been here for only 9 months and I’ve watched the company grow over 75% of what it was.”

Caroline Legin, Training and Communications Manager

““When I hear about how [doctors in our group’s] practices have improved and how much better they’re doing, that’s when you can really tell that we’re making a difference.” ”

Stephen Taglieri, Physician Development