About Us

Privia is a unique physician practice management and population health technology company that partners with top doctors. We build and enable high-performance physician groups and clinically integrated provider networks to help better manage the health of patient populations. Through key partnerships with payers, employers, health systems, and other key stakeholders, we use technology, team-based care, and unique wellness programs to keep people healthy, prevent disease, and improve care coordination both in and outside of the doctor’s office.


Privia Medical Group is our national, high-performance medical practice, combining technology, team-based care, and unique wellness programs to help leading doctors better manage the health of their populations. Privia Medical Group is a multi-specialty practice, with a large number of primary care physicians and medical specialists that manage high cost chronic disease. Our medical group enjoys close partnerships with many leading national payers, with reimbursement programs that reward our doctors for improving outcomes and delivering high value care.


Privia Quality Network (PQN) is our a national clinically integrated network and Accountable Care Organization (ACO), which is emerging as one of the leading independent physician networks in the country. Through PQN, we bring physician practices, hospitals, imaging and surgery centers, long-term care facilities, and others together to focus on sharing data, enable care coordination, and collaborate on initiatives to improve outcomes and deliver high value care. Physicians practicing in Privia Quality Network have access to innovative reimbursement programs that are only available to large, sophisticated physician networks with the technology and resources necessary to manage and succeed in population health.


Our History

Inspiration for the Privia model was born from earlier healthcare delivery success and innovation in South Africa. Privia’s Founder, Jeff Butler, had previously co-founded a global health company that implemented large-scale HIV/AIDS treatment and disease management programs under the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

In South Africa, Jeff led the company to implement a highly successful treatment and care management program that combined a network of private sector doctors with teams of wellness professionals and community health workers – all connected through remote technology. Through that experience, which garnered international recognition, Jeff learned that optimal health outcomes can be achieved by combining the clinical guidance of a top physician with a technology-enabled wellness team that is charged with helping patients implement the care recommendations of their doctor between office visits. This unique approach (an early example of a “patient-centered medical home”) achieved world-class clinical outcomes, and served as the foundational model for the physician-led networks, technology, and population health management programs that Privia implements today.

Privia Health was spun-off from the global health company in 2007, and initially partnered with independent physicians to deliver a patient-centered wellness program. Dave Rothenberg joined Jeff in 2010 to rapidly grow the doctor network. As significant changes begun taking shape in the U.S. healthcare system, Jeff and Dave started hearing from Privia’s doctors that they believed they needed to be a part of “something bigger” in order to succeed in a new healthcare system that rewards providers for quality and outcomes. Through 2012-2013, the Privia team worked in partnership with a steering committee of physicians to design Privia Medical Group, a unique practice model that’s “purpose-built” to help physicians remain in private practice, and to succeed in value-based care. Privia Medical Group’s first practice location launched in January 2014, and ever since, Privia has been the fastest-growing medical group in the country.

In late 2014, Privia became a portfolio company of Brighton Health Group, a Stamford, CT healthcare enterprise dedicated to developing innovative products that align the interests of healthcare providers, employers, and other plan sponsors, families, and payers.