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“The convenience of being able to contact your physician via email, and being able to see your physician on a same day or next day basis - that’s very important to my patients.”

– John Valenti, M.D., Privia Doctor

“Surprisingly often, I will think of something I forgot to ask a patient and I will send them an email that night and say, ‘Are you still taking this medicine or are you still doing this?’ And that’s been really helpful.”

– Alan Pocinki, M.D., Privia Doctor

Technology That Makes
Your Care More Personal

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We use innovative technology to connect you with your care team and track progress toward health goals. We continually monitor your health status and key health indicators, and alert both you and your doctor in real time when something needs attention.

Collaborate With Your Team

Privia’s technology dramatically improves communication between you, your doctor, and your wellness team – giving you access to powerful tools to send and receive secure email messages, identify your wellness goals, see your individual care recommendations, track your progress, and get real time feedback. Privia’s technology is easy-to-use, and acts as a private social network that enables you, your doctor, and your team to better collaborate on your care.

Care Reminders & Alerts

Get personalized care reminders and alerts based on your individual health profile (such as when you are overdue for a vaccination or screening test) that will help you better manage your health conditions and preventative wellness. Privia’s unique system continually monitors your key health indicators, and alerts you and your doctor when something needs attention. It’s like having your own personal mission control for maintaining and improving your health.

Your Health Records and
Results When You Need Them

As a Privia patient, you’ll get secure, online access to a Personal Health Record where you can store and manage your health data, and share relevant information with specialists or other healthcare providers at your discretion. Depending on your membership, your Personal Health Record will be updated at least annually by your doctor’s office with the latest record of your health conditions, allergies, medications, and immunizations; and may also be updated with your latest labs and test results. In an emergency, you can authorize a medical professional to call us and get the key health data that’s needed to provide you immediate urgent care.

Trusted Health Information
That’s Customized for You

Get the latest relevant health information from the trusted experts at Mayo Clinic. Plus, receive personalized health content – including articles, recipes and reminders – based on your own individual needs and health conditions.

Mayo Clinic

Technology That Makes
Your Life More Convenient

Privia’s technology gives you the ability, 24 hours a day/7 days a week, to request appointments, refill your prescriptions, track your health progress, and send secure messages to your doctor and health team – often avoiding the time and expense of an office visit for a routine issue.

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