How It Works

“I was boarding an international flight and had an unexpected health concern. By the time I landed, my Privia team had arranged an appointment with a leading specialist. It’s great to know that I have support no matter where I travel.”

– Janet D., Privia Patient

“I wasn’t sure what to do. I was overwhelmed by my medical condition. Privia helped answer my questions and get the information I needed to make the best decision about my health.”

– William D., Privia Patient

Convenient Healthcare

Find a Doctor

We make interacting with the doctor easy and convenient. You can schedule same/next day sick appointments, refill your prescriptions online, and communicate with your doctor and health team via secure email messaging – often avoiding the hassle and expense of an office visit altogether.

Free Up Your Schedule

We think your healthcare should offer the same kind of convenience as you get from other areas of your life (your bank, your hotel). With Privia, getting a prescription refilled or booking a same day/next day appointment is easy, as are email messages with your doctor. Use Privia technology 24/7 to stay connected to your doctor and team – at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

Take Your Team with You

Medical needs don’t always take a break when you’re away for work or vacation. Privia provides premium patients with global medical assistance, so no matter where your travels take you, help is just a call or click away. Get a prescription refilled in another state or country, get emergency access to your personal health records, get advice on travel vaccinations, get assistance identifying and securing appointments with top physicians – wherever you are, Privia is there to help.

Find the Best Care Available

Need to see a specialist for a medical condition or issue? Privia can help you find and schedule appointments with leading specialists in your area, saving hours of research and phone calls. You expect the highest quality from your Privia top doctor. We make sure you receive that same level of care from other providers you see.

Get Help Without the Hassle

Healthcare can be very frustrating and overwhelming. Privia can help you navigate the system. Confused about a medical bill? Need help planning your healthcare spending? Want to better understand a diagnosis or procedure? Privia has answers waiting for you.

Hundreds of thousands of people see Privia doctors. Become one today. Find A Doctor