“Privia saved me from a weekend of stress and anxiety, as well as an unneeded ER visit. I love the peace of mind of having someone available whenever I need them.”

– Deb P., Privia Patient

“I can’t emphasize enough how important preventative health is. Most patients don’t have access to all the health and wellness benefits that are available through Privia.”

– John Valenti, M.D., Privia Doctor

“I’m not sure I would have made it through the first few months of not smoking had it not been for the encouragement and support of my Privia wellness coach. It’s now been 10 months since I had a cigarette.”

– Suzanne P., Privia Patient

In Partnership with Innovative Health Plans and Employers

Traditional wellness and disease management programs often leave out one of the most important stakeholders in managing an employee/member’s health – the individual’s own personal doctor. At Privia Health, we believe top doctors play a critical role in influencing an individual’s wellness… so we’ve shifted the paradigm to drive many wellness and care management interventions directly from the doctor’s office.

Anchoring wellness and care management in a top doctor’s practice makes all the difference – increased participation rates, higher engagement levels, better care management, and more appropriate recommendations to fit the individual’s needs. Patients will listen to and trust their own doctor. Without the doctor, your wellness program risks simply being background noise to your employees or members.

How Privia’s Programs are Unique

  • Wellness & care management interventions driven by a member/employee’s own trusted doctor
  • Your member/employees get assigned their own personal Privia Wellness Team – a nurse care manager, wellness coach, registered dietitian, certified fitness trainer, and clinical pharmacist – to help them identify health goals and implement their doctor’s care recommendations between office visits
  • Every member/employee gets a customized care and wellness action plan, with regular updates and progress monitoring by their Privia doctor and team
  • Your members/employees get access to same/next day appointments, secure email messaging with their doctor, online lab results, online appointment scheduling, and online prescription refills – all time saving conveniences that decrease absenteeism and improve productivity
  • Privia technology establishes a healthcare “mission-control” for your members/employees, enabling Privia’s doctors and wellness team to monitor key health indicators, flag care gaps, and provide real-time alerts when something needs attention
  • Privia’s unique doctor-led programs result in higher member/employee engagement levels in their own personal wellness and care management, which leads to improved compliance, decreased costs, and better health outcomes

Building on your current wellness initiatives

Privia has designed its solutions to work in partnership with your current wellness and population health initiatives – our approach is to integrate our top doctor network and care management programs into your existing offerings, building on your successes and extending their impact.

Looking for a Comprehensive Employee Wellness Program?

If you don't already have a comprehensive employee wellness program, or if you are looking for a change, Privia can work with our friends at Mayo Clinic Health Solutions to design a custom program that combines Privia's doctor-based care management with Mayo Clinic's full suite of integrated employee wellness and population health services, including employee-wide portals, health risk assessments, health promotion campaigns, benefits administration, and intensive health coaching support.

How Privia Works With Employers/Payers

There are a number of ways that leading employers, health plans, and 3rd-party payers work with Privia:

Value-Based Care Programs

Through our high-performance physician networks and population health management programs, Privia works in close partnership with leading health plans, employers, and national payers, including Medicare, to improve health outcomes and avoid unnecessary healthcare spending. We enter into innovative value-based reimbursement programs that reward our doctors for delivering high quality, high value care. Our sophisticated technology platform, combined with our unique approach to physician-driven wellness and care management, enables us to deliver member/employee engagement levels unlike anything else on the market today.

Managing High Risk Members/Employees

For most populations, 10-15 percent of individuals drive 80 percent of healthcare costs. We can help you support these high risk members/employees through high intensity approaches that drive better lifestyle choices and increased adherence to their doctor’s recommended care plan. There is no better way to coordinate intensive care and disease management than through a patient’s own trusted physician and fully integrated care team.


Privia has significant experience developing and implementing patient-centered medical home programs. Our top doctor network, virtual care teams, and unique proprietary technology platform can help you enhance and expand your patient-centered medical home initiatives, and get the engagement and results you desire.


Many employers are interested in the benefits of worksite medical care for their employees – decreased absenteeism, increased productivity, and better employee convenience and satisfaction. However, most employer worksites are not large enough to support the considerable costs of an onsite clinic. Privia gives you another option – a virtual worksite clinic. In the virtual model, Privia’s local network of top doctors agree to provide your employees guaranteed access on a same/next day basis, online appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and secure online consultations – so your employees can avoid having to take off work to go into the doctor’s office for minor, routine health issues. If you already have an onsite clinic, Privia’s network of top physicians can serve as a virtual extension of that clinic, working with you to better manage the care of high risk employees, and those battling high cost chronic conditions.