Solutions for Doctors

“Our Privia physicians are top-rated for a reason. Patients gravitate towards them. They know they will get better care and better responses. They know they are getting a better healthcare experience.”

– Kelly Sutton, R.N., Health Advisor

“The Privia system enabled me basically to say, I can continue to provide the same level of care to this larger number of patients if I can have this outside help to do lots of non-clinical stuff that I in the past had been wasting a lot of time doing.”

– Alan Pocinki, M.D., Privia Doctor

Why Join Privia?

How Does Privia Improve Outcomes for my patients?

Privia’s unique approach is to take on the work of delivering population health management on behalf of the doctor. We provide teams, technology and proactive outreach required to engage patients in proactive care. Your patients are supported as individuals throughout their healthcare journey, both in and outside their doctor’s office. Independent physician practices cannot accomplish these programs without a partner.

Privia deploys hundred of programs for population health management, including:

  • Remote health teams to coordinate care:
    • Nurse Care Managers
    • Dieticians & Fitness Trainers
    • Pharmacists and Mental Health Counselors
    • 24/7 Nurse Triage
    • All personalized resources and outreach for every patient
  • Technology for Population Health Management
    • Patient Portal and Patient Engagement Platforms
    • Disease Registries
    • Analytics to Identify Gaps in Care
    • Predictive Risk Stratification
    • Private HIE/Connectivity
    • Multimedia Disease Education
  • Clinical Workflow and Network Management
    • Clinical Integration Programs
    • Prevention and Wellness Programs
    • Individual Care Plans
    • Network Development and Management

How Does Privia Improve Financial Outcomes for doctors?

Privia gives small to medium sized practices a seat at the table with commercial payers and Medicare. We work to enter into better arrangements, including value based contracts, with the major healthcare payers. Through these contracts, we are able to improve our physician reimbursements because:

Our doctors are delivering better quality care for patients and effectively managing healthcare costs.

These providers are facilitating improvements by working with Privia’s technology and teams and successfully implementing our population health management programs. Together we are improving the healthcare system, moving from a volume based, cost heavy system to a value based delivery, rooted in accountability, in order to provide the best care for patients.

To learn more about Privia Medical Group, email us at or call us directly at 1-800-767-0922.

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