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Changing healthcare to what it ought to be

Our MissionOur Misison

Our mission is to disrupt and transform healthcare from a “sick care” system to one that enables doctors and their teams to focus on keeping people healthy, improving outcomes, and delivering high-value care.

Through our purpose-built medical groups and physician-led networks, we deploy advanced technologies, a team-based approach, and a world-class service experience to better manage the health of the populations we serve.


Our PromisesOur Promises

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    The People We Care For

    We promise to treat you as if you are the only patient we have; to create a collaborative relationship between you, your doctor, and your care team that extends beyond sickness, to help better support you in managing your health and well-being.

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    Our Doctors and Their Care Teams

    We promise to provide you with world-class people, advanced technologies, extended care teams, and the tools, resources (and time) necessary to create a well-run, high-performing medical practice; one that rewards you for taking great care of your patients.

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    Our Community and Healthcare System

    We promise to actively collaborate with payers, employers, hospital systems, specialty groups, and other like-minded community organizations to align our incentives and create sustainable healthcare delivery systems that are oriented towards value; while simultaneously raising the bar on quality, engagement, and satisfaction.

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    Every Partner We Employ

    We promise you the ability to make a meaningful dent in the healthcare universe, the chance to collaborate with smart, committed people, and the opportunity to achieve your potential no matter who you are.

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Our ValuesOur Values

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    We Disrupt Things

    We’re not afraid to take a stand; to challenge inertia and change the status quo.

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    Find a Way

    We’re scrappy, resourceful, and entrepreneurial; we look at processes and systems and ask “how can we do this better?”

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    Change the World by Changing Ourselves

    Our ambitions are grand, but we’re smart enough to know we don’t have all the answers; change starts with us and we’re committed to constant personal growth to help us find better solutions to problems.

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    Outcome Obsessed

    We believe in holding ourselves accountable to the highest levels of performance, as our patients and providers deserve nothing less than the very best we can give.

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    Do the Right Thing

    Our business is all about earning (and keeping) trust; we don’t cop out and take shortcuts just because the work is hard.

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    We are They

    We eat our own cooking; we’re building a healthcare delivery system for ourselves, for our neighbors, for our parents, and for our children – this is highly personal.