About Us


Privia Health was founded in 2007 by a team of experienced healthcare professionals who were frustrated by the fragmentation, inefficiencies, and misaligned incentives of the current healthcare system – and who were passionate to do something about it. Privia is the result of many years of creativity and innovative thought on how to do healthcare differently – consumer focused, physician friendly, with a core philosophy not just treating disease, but helping prevent it in the first place.

Inspiration for the Privia model was born from earlier healthcare delivery innovations in South Africa. Privia’s Founder and CEO, Jeff Butler, had previously co-founded a global health company that implemented large-scale HIV/AIDS treatment and disease management programs under the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). In South Africa, Jeff led the company to implement a highly successful treatment and care management program that combined a network of private sector doctors with teams of wellness professionals and community health workers – all connected through remote technology. Through that experience, which garnered international recognition, Jeff learned that optimal health outcomes can be achieved by combining the clinical guidance of a top physician with a technology-enabled wellness team who is charged with helping patients implement the care recommendations of their doctor between office visits.

This unique approach (an early example of a “patient-centered medical home”) achieved world-class clinical outcomes, and served as the foundational model for the physician-directed wellness and care management programs that Privia implements today.