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Privia Collaboration

Join our integrated healthcare delivery network.

To change healthcare to what it ought to be, strong partnerships with key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem are essential. We work with specialists, pharmacies, hospitals, labs, and other affiliates across our clinically integrated healthcare delivery system.

You’ll join an elite network of physicians and medical practices — one of the best ranked and the fastest growing in the country.

Privia offers referral growth, flexibility, and cost savings. When you work with us, you help transform the healthcare system and expand your opportunity to reach even more people.

Privia is unique

User-centered technology that exceeds expectations

Our integrated healthcare delivery system (IHDS) streamlines your work and improves your care decisions about your patients. Because Privia has been a technology company from day one, we’ve never needed to retrofit technology around clunky, outdated processes.

Happy patients

Our patients love Privia. When you become a Privia partner or affiliate, you acquire immediate credibility. You’ll also receive patients who come to you already satisfied with their providers’ care, and who trust you to provide the same quality.

People you’ll like working with, and an essential mission

At Privia, our employees are a passionate bunch. They’re dedicated to enhancing the doctor-patient relationship and eliminating the mass-production feeling that’s crept into healthcare. We’re people you’ll enjoy working with at every turn.

Marcus Gross, Regional Vice President of Physician Development

“Everything that we are trying to do is to enable physicians and providers, and give them tools and data and analytics so they can actually provide a higher quality of care to their patients.”

Marcus Gross, Managing Director, Physician Development

91% of patients ranked Privia Medical Group as "Great" in a 2015 patient survey.

15% Our hospital readmission rates per doctor are less than 15%.

Referral growth opportunities

We’ve joined with more than 2,300 providers to care for over 2.3 million patients seen by a Privia provider in the past three years. Partnering with Privia helps you gain more referrals. We position you to grow alongside us as we continue gaining admiration within the industry for the proven results of our wellness-focused healthcare model.

Cost savings

Your organization will benefit from our shared savings and reimbursement arrangements, which are only available to large networks. We put our scale and clout to work on your behalf.

Inclusion in one of the best-ranked networks in the country

Privia’s ACO ranked in the top 7% nationally, with a 98% quality score from the Medicare Shared Savings Program. Partnering with Privia lets you build relationships within an exclusive network of leading medical professionals in your area and beyond.

Flexibility and a focus on patient outcomes

Our flexible agreements are customized for you, and the barriers to join are low. Most importantly, we share the same vision: focusing tirelessly on improving the health of the patients who’ve placed their trust in us. Our patients and yours do better when we collaborate together.

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