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We’re transforming healthcare, one member and one community at a time.

Privia partners with leading payers and employers to deliver high-quality, affordable healthcare to the community through innovative products and services built around Privia Quality Network, our clinically-integrated provider network.



We operate on the belief that by putting the doctors-patient relationship first, integrating clinical support teams and technology into the provider workflow, and aligning incentives through benefit design and value-based reimbursement models, we can produce better outcomes than traditional managed care networks or delivery systems.

Privia’s network is anchored in Privia Medical Group, a highly-integrated multi-specialty group practice that is purpose-built for managing population health and risk. A preferred network of high-value specialists, facilities, and ancillary providers complements Privia Medical Group to produce a coordinated, efficient end-to-end care delivery system. Privia partners with payers and employers on:

  • Clinical Integration / Narrow Networks
  • Value-Based Product Design
  • Direct Primary Care
  • Virtual Worksite Clinics
Privia is unique

Enhanced Member Experience

We elevate the member experience through a patient-centric care delivery model within our clinics that stresses access, convenience, and shared decision-making.

Coordinated Network of Care

We ensure efficient, high-quality care through a highly-coordinated network of providers using data, proprietary technology, and program design to align incentives across the delivery system.

Population Health Management

We deliver best-in-class population health management programs embedded and coordinated through each member’s own, trusted doctor.

Capabilities to Manage Risk

We enable care delivery systems to make the transition from fee-for-service “sick care” medicine to a true “health care” system through our proprietary platform.

“What’s different about Privia’s approach to population health is that we orient everything in the doctor-patient relationship.”

Rick Foerster | Vice President of Enterprise Operations

Highest-performing Cigna Collaborative Accountable Care group in the Mid-Atlantic.

15% Our hospital readmission rates per doctor are less than 15%

Managed Care Population Health

Clinical Integration / Narrow Networks

We build and manage high-performance clinically-integrated delivery systems in partnership with payers. We believe that the most successful approach is to put physicians – particularly primary care – at the epicenter of the delivery system, then surround them with a highly integrated narrow network of specialists, facilities, and ancillaries. We use technology and clinical teams to coordinate care across the network, and data to reinforce value-based care decisions at the point of care.

Proprietary Technology

Value-Based Product Design

We have significant capabilities to support the development of value-based products and plans built around our clinically-integrated narrow networks. With the right balance of member benefit design and provider incentives, coupled with our high-performance network, we can help payers offer highly-differentiated products to the community.

Direct Primary Care

We partner with self-funded employers to offer direct primary care programs to their employees and dependents. We deliver affordable end-to-end solutions from program design to member enrollment, analytics, and network management. Our programs are proven to increase employee satisfaction, reduce absenteeism, and improve clinical outcomes. Direct primary care enables employers to offer unique and differentiated benefits to employees.

Virtual Worksite Clinics

We can offer branded virtual worksite clinics to self-funded employers. Worksite medical care has many benefits: decreased absenteeism, increased productivity, and improved employee satisfaction. However, many employers are not large enough to support a traditional bricks and mortar onsite clinic. Through the use of innovative telehealth and remote technologies, a virtual worksite clinic is a cost-effective and affordable way to provide employees with on-demand care that meets them where they are.


Major payers have noted:

  • Quality score is 15% higher than market
  • Physician’s total medical cost of care is 3% lower than market
  • Readmission rates are 22% lower than market
  • Emergency Room visits per thousand are 15.9% lower than market
  • Pediatric readmissions are 43% lower than market

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